About QFusion Group

About Us

Established: 2008

Experience: 20+ Years

Strengths: PHP/MySQL/SEO

Interests: Helping People

QFusion Group is a NH based web design and development company that has been helping clients solidify their online presence since 2008.

When we got into this business 2008, there were about 50 million people online — less than 1 percent of the world. Today more than one-third of the world — nearly 5 billion people — are online, and every day, it seems, someone proves again that the possibilities are quite literally endless. Start-ups not only challenge giants but spawn whole new industries. Bottom line is that the WWW is not going anywhere anytime soon and if you want to market to the masses its the only game in town.

That’s what makes our work interesting. We are equally focused on what hasn’t changed. Companies of every size, in every industry, still need help establishing and building a web presence. They need custom-built strategies, not off-the-shelf products. They need a partner who keeps up with emerging technologies and best practices, so that they can focus on their products, services and clients.

Your goals. Our tools. Let’s work the Web together.

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